Reach the World’s 25th Anniversary: Supporting Our Clients for the Long Haul

This last Thursday night, I attended the 25th Anniversary Gala for Reach the World, a non-profit that I have provided my Creative Direction to for over the last two decades. As an early Traveller on their program’s launch craft “Makulu”, through years as a Board Member, and then professionally over the last decade, I have guided their Brand Development, designed and produced several websites, developed a popular geography app, created numerous presentations for all kinds of mediums, and I continue to support this wonderful organization with my imagination and creative energies through my company Young Mind Interactive (

Their mission to use technology to connect children in underfunded schools with travelers around the world has helped them grow over the last 25 years from a small, home-based non-profit to a well-funded, well-partnered, national organization, embedded in thousands of schools in the U.S. and bridging the divide between cultures and societies one child at a time. Bravo!

About Jeffrey Wiener

Jeffrey Wiener is an artist, technologist, entrepreneurial adventurer, and CEO of Young Mind Interactive - a publisher dedicated to creating new and effective Digital Learning Tools for students and teachers. Follow @YMIgames on Twitter>

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