Jeffrey Wiener

Jeffrey Wiener is an artist, technologist, entrepreneurial adventurer, and CEO of Young Mind Interactive – a publisher dedicated to creating new and effective Digital Learning Tools for students and teachers. Follow @YMIgames on Twitter>

Spanish Version of “Our Solar System” now available for classrooms

Young Mind Interactive, Inc. has just released a spanish version of our STEM game “Our Solar System” entitled “Nuestro Sistema Solar”. This browser-based Digital Learning Tool combines a drag & drop game with an EBook to teach the basics of our solar system. This three-part HTML5 game fits on the iPad, and can be customized for…

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Ocean-themed Puzzles and Mazes

YMI offers these 2 colorful, Ocean-themed puzzles for your classroom. “Reef Maze” and “Beach Cleanup” are puzzles that can open the door to discussing Climate Change and the health of the environment. There’s a downloadable PDF version of each puzzle too. Good for all ages. STEM, Early Learners, K-12. Works…

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Our Solar System – Demonstration Video of Educational Game

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: “Our Solar System” “Our Solar System” is customized for the iPad, Desktop and projected whiteboard. “Our Solar System” combines a Drag&Drop Game with an EBook to teach the basics of our solar system. “Our Solar System” contains three game components: 1. The Planets of Our Sun 2. Seasons of Planet Earth…

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