Classroom Worksheets: The Search for Earnest Shackleton’s Endurance

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Young Mind Interactive provides content development support for Reach the World, the North American classroom partners for the Endurance22 Mission, as well as the Weddell Sea Expedition, both of which were searching for Earnest Shackleton’s sunken ship the Endurance. Over the past few years, we have designed classroom worksheets illustrating and explaining the various aspects of the search for Shackleton’s ship, and the scientific explorations that accompanied those two missions.

These downloadable PDF’s are available here for YOUR classroom too!
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1. Maze-to-Color: Weddell Sea Ice Floe

2. Math Worksheet: Speed, Distance and Time

3. Coloring Sheet: The Technology Behind the Weddell Sea Expedition

4. Coloring Sheet: Antarctica’s Geography – What’s beneath the Ice?

5. Coloring Sheet: The Endurance Shipwreck

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