The Importance of Play

The importance and benefits of play cannot be understated. Children’s lives are quite busy with the pressures of school and the constant influence of media. It seems the distractions are mounting with each generation. If you are concerned about whether your child is getting the right amount of playtime, read the FULL article on that explains the significance of playtime, and see the InfoGraphic below.

“Are you worried whether your child is getting as much playtime as you did when you were younger? Are you wondering if the way your child plays is normal for its age? If you’re contemplating cutting back on your child’s free playtime indoors or outside because of your concerns about safety or because of scheduling purposes, think again. As an adult, it might not look like it’s a top priority that your child is finding time for playtime. But it’s actually an important time of the day for them — it helps them develop and learn.” Jenny Silverstone,

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