Make your way through this beautiful Coral Reef!
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A puzzle/maze featuring a brightly colored coral reef illustration.

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Keeping Our Oceans
and Reefs Clean!

Oceans are large bodies of salty water that cover 71% of our planet, and home to a variety of ecosystems, with millions of organisms. Reefs can be in shallow waters, or deep in the ocean, but all reefs protect a wide variety of colorful fish and exotic, aquatic life. Reefs are bars of rock, coral or sand at the bottom of our oceans, and usually stand strong against the tides and storms year after year.


Aerial Photograph featuring a living coral reef about 50 feet offshore of a beach in the Sinai Desert.

  Many delicate acquatic creatures, like the Sea Horse and Octopus, can only survive within the protective forests of living coral. However, reefs grow very slowly and they are fragile. Corals break and die easily. Scientists now understand that Climate Change is also weakening the health of reefs, and the damage caused by ships and pollution will take hundreds of years to heal.

Learn more about how to protect Coral Reefs at "Ocean Portal" organized by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History




ANSWER: Follow the Blue Line down to the END.

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