Help clean up this Beautiful Beach!
Scroll down and count the THINGS that DON'T BELONG on a BEACH.

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A puzzle/Search featuring a brightly colored beach with objects that DO and DO NOT belong there.

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Keeping Our Oceans
and Beaches Clean!

Oceans are large bodies of salty water that cover 71% of our planet, and home to a variety of ecosystems, with millions of organisms of every size. Beaches and Seashores are made up of sands and millions of years worth of crushed corals and seashells. Beaches border all of the oceans' borders and it's one place where garbage and polution can make its way into the ocean.


Photograph of a quiet beach on an island nation in the Pacific Ocean that is vulnerable to the rising seas.

  All around the planet, beaches are vulnerable to erosion and damage from storms. Scientists now understand that Climate Change has affected how storms behave, and many storms have gotten worse in the last few years, causing major damage to homes, buildings, and especially the ecosystems that are on or near beaches.

Learn more about how to protect Beaches at UNESCO website.

  Photograph of a popular beach with many vulnerable structures exposed to the rising seas.  



ANSWERS: There are 10 items that do NOT belong on a Beach.

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